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The Road Trip

You probably know by now that we are not quite traditional people, maybe even a little crazy…    So this shouldn’t surprise you!  We’ve seen much of the world in 2007 and 2008, but not our own backyard. So we’re doing it.  We’ve moved out of our Seattle apartment.  We’ve got our cabin ready for vacation rentals.  And we’re heading out in Stella, our trusty Honda CRV, decked out with Daily Fish Porn and Stratejoy wrapping, and topped with an Autohome.

We’re hitting the road on September 20th, 2010.

For how long you ask? Maybe 3 months, maybe a year! We’re trying not to put any hard and fast parameters on the trip for now.  Ken will be fishing and golfing and working.  Molly will be hiking and writing and teaching Stratejoy workshops.  We’ll both be hitting festivals, biking, eating up a storm, backpacking, and catching up with new and old friends.

Have a couch or a guestroom we can crash in?  Let us know!

Our game plan at this point is to leave Seattle shortly after the wedding, assuming we can have everything buttoned up by then… Then we race time across the country (stopping in Big Sky and Chicago for some family love) to see the east coast in the fall with the amazing fall colors.

Molly’s 30th Birthday (October 6th) is spent in NYC, with visits to Ithaca, Montreal, Maine, Boston, DC, etc. and then down the coast where it’s warm. Atlanta, Raleigh, and Nashville are all in the plans.  And we’ll definitely spend some time in Florida getting tans and fly fishing for Tarpon.

We’ll be home in Washington for the holidays and January could see us crashing the Sundance Film Festival, or possibly headed to Mexico for while!

Then we head across the south, hitting New Orleans on our way to Austin for South by Southwest in March. Next we’ll stop in New Mexico to visit family and sneak in some time in Boulder, before continuing west to head up our lovely west coast. Redwood forests, Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Napa, Sedona, Grand Canyon, and if we time it right a week at Burning Man.

Get the picture?  This is where you come in.

We’d love to visit the amazing spots that you have discovered. Maybe it’s the best steakhouse in Chicago, or an incredible spa in Florida, or a stretch of the Appalachian Trail we must back pack, or your favorite museum in DC, or the best Cuban sandwich in NYC, or an off-the-beaten-path fishing lodge– whatever!  We need your recommendations!

The Trip

Here are some top destinations and activities we’d like to do.  This is in no ways our schedule, just a brainstorming list!  We’ll put the final itinerary up as we figure it out…

Montana: Helena, Big Sky, Bozeman
Wisconsin: Fishing! Madison
Chicago: Visit Family, Stratejoy Workshop
New York: Carolyn & Claudio in the Bronx, Molly’s 30th Birthday, Networking, Ithaca
Maine: Stratejoy Workshop in Portland
Massachusetts: Boston, maybe the Cape
Washington DC – all about the Capitol & Museums, Stratejoy Workshop in Baltimore
The Carolinas – Chapel Hill, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Raleigh
Florida: Disney World, Key West
New Orleans
Austin: South By Southwest
Santa Fe, NM
Colorado: Boulder, Denver, Backpacking!
Utah – Moab, Zion National Park
The Grand Canyon
California: San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Napa, Yosemite, everywhere basically…
Oregon: Bend, Portland, Canon Beach

What have we missed that we absolutely have to see? Seriously. We’re looking for recommendations, accommodations, or home cooked meals!

To the adventure!!

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