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Molly Hoyne + Ken Mahar = Wedding, Love, and Family

September 13, 2010

We did it!  We got married, on a gorgeous day in August.  I already wrote a bit about this on the Stratejoy blog, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who came, and witnessed, and celebrated!  And huge thank you to our families and our wedding party who all did bushels of work to pull off such an magical DIY wedding.

We love you all.

I’m looking forward to seeing the professional photos, but in the meantime…

The awesome snapshots are from Paul, Deja, Dennis and Kate.  Thanks guys.  And Ken and I will share the Photobooth photos soon!  And we still want to make a movie with all the Flip videos!

But that will all have to come later, because we are T-1 week to departure! Ken and I’ve been working our butts off trying to wrap up everything in Seattle.  Honestly, we’re not even close, but the apartment is packed up (we have an air mattress, 2 pots, and a bunch of dust bunnies!), the furniture is in Index, and we do have one of those Door-To-Door Storage units full of our personal items.  And then there’s Stella…  She’s going to be one full CRV.  We’ll definitely take pictures when she’s packed.

And yes, we owe everyone a million Thank You notes.  And no, we didn’t read the wishes from the wishing jars- they are for the appropriate anniverseries!

QUESTION:  Who made the “Happy Roadtrip” goody box of snacks?  We loved the jerkey, skittles, etc (and the Benjamin Franklin buried in there!) but we don’t know who it’s from….  Declare yourself!  We want to thank you!

RANDOM:  Did you notice how I jumped from “we” to “I”?  Is that one of those odd married things to do.  Eek!  This is Molly.  All things written are from my perspective, as an individual.  I suppose I’ll let Ken speak for himself!

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